Meiki Utensil Race Proof 009 Rola Misaki’s Realistic Pussy Masturbator

meiki-utensilMeiki Utensil Race Rola Misaki (£79)

A perfect cloned replica of one of the most desired sweet Japanese pussys on the planet – Rola Misaki.

This realistic masturbator is made from super soft and supple material but is tight and inviting, with a pattern of complex ridges and nodules to stimulate your penis as it slides in and out of Rola’s sweet pussy!

Realistic Japanese Pornstar Breasts

Brilliant Bust Risa Kasumi Breasts (161 dollars)

Now British men have the chance to get their hands on the large breasts of a famous Japanese porn star! Risa Kasumi has made her gift to humanity by allowing her perfect boobs to be cast moulded and replicated exactly in this ultra-realistic pair of Japanese pornstar breasts. Order direct from Japan now!

Realistic Japanese Pussy and Ass

utensil race hipsUtensil Race Realistic Hips Ass Pussy (£259)

One of the most realistic pussy ass toys ever made, this Utensil Race sex toy for men is actually life-size.  With this toy you are virtually fucking the sweet pussy and ass of a real Japanese girl – squeeze her soft ultra-realistic hips as you fuck her doggy style or pound her tight asshole!

At £259 the toy doesn’t come cheap, but read some of the customer reviews at LoveHoney and decide for yourself whether you will also think that it will be money well spent.

This is the only Japanese sex toy you’ll ever need.  A realistic life-size Japanese pussy and ass that will last you for years and hundreds of fucks.

Utensil Race Eiro Chika Realistic Vagina

utensil race eiroUtensil Race Eiro Chika (£64)

You won’t find a more realistic vagina than this for the price – espcially if you like realistic masturbators that have been expertly modelled on the vaginas of some of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Japan!

As you’d expect from a Japanese girl, this vagina is tight but softly accomodating.  It is also unbelievably realistic, even down to its G-Spot bump!  Try to hit it with all your passion!!

Tenga Egg Way

tenga egg wayTenga Egg Way (£9)

Tenga Eggs are amongst the most famous and popular of Japanese sex toys.  Just crack one of the eggs open, stretch it over your penis, and feel the amazing ribbed and nubbed waves of pleasure that are far superior to even a real vagina.

The Tenga Egg way has a particularly wavy design for an incredible feel, and is the most popular and best rated Tenga Egg at LoveHoney.

Tenga Eggs have been designed to be used just once by hygeine conscious Japanese men, but with careful washing, several uses can easily be gotten out of these luxury ‘disposable’ sex toys.

Japanese High School Sailor Uniform

sailor school uniformJapanese High School Sailor Costume ($85/aprox : £55)

The sailor high school uniform worn by Japanese schoolgirls is famed around the world.  Now you can order your own authentic Japanese school uniform directly from Japan.

Great for role-play with your lover, or even for dressing up a sex doll (even with pussy/ass toy – put the skirt around the toy, press up a pillow with the shirt wrapped around it!).

Let your secret fantasies run wild with this authentic school girl uniform from Japan!


Tenga Flip Hole Japanese Masturbator

tenga flip hole blackTenga Flip Hole (Black) – £64.99

The Tenga Flip Hole is regarded as the best Japanese sex toy on the market, and probably the best male sex toy anywhere.  This black edition of the toy is rated the best of the various Tenga Flip Hole incarnations.  It has arguably the most complex and sophisticated inner ribbed design of any male masturbator.  But that’s not all.  The complex ribbed inner masturbation sleeves work their magic in combination with the clever use of vacuum pressure, which itself can be controlled and varied by buttons running along either side of the toy’s casing.

The ingenuity of t his Japanese sex toy doesn’t end there.  The ‘lock’ for the case (the case unfolds, hence the name ‘flip hole) also doubles as a drying stand for the toy after cleaning, making this toy amazingly easy to clean and dry after use.

The Tenga Flip Hole is quite simply the most amazing Japanese sex toy out there!


Anime Sakura Tight Masturbator

Sakura TightAnime Sakura Tight Masturbator (£15.45)

A tight little masturbator that every real man will get a thrill from being inside!

Fuck this beautiful little hole as hard as you want.  This anime masturbator is pleasingly tight but stretchy and accomodating at the same time.

As you might expect, the inside of the masturbation sleeve is noduled and ribbed in a way that only Japanese sex toy manufacturers can make!

Treat your cock to a charming little anime masturbator.

Rends Kashin 3D Realistic Stroker

Rends Kashin
Rends Kashin 3D Stroker Version 6

The latest major Japanese sex toy to hit the UK market – the Rends Kashin 3D Stroker is an ultra-realistic vagina masturbation sleeve for men.  Some are even saying that it’s the most realistic fake pussy yet made. 

Made from unique ‘Daisy’ material, the pussy has an incredibly skin-like feel.  And it’s not just the material that is superbly realistic.  The inner sleeve is a ‘multi-dimensional’ tunnel full of nodules and ribs that create what may be the closest a sex toy has yet come to the feel of a real vagina.

The Rends Kashin is available from LoveHoney in 6 different versions, each with its own unique inner structure.

Buy Used Panties from Japan

Yes, you can buy used panties from Japan!  Don’t worry, these delightful worn panties are specially and discreetly packaged, so they wont lose any of their delicious girl aroma before they arrive through your letterbox.  The pair below contain the authentic simulated aroma of a young 18 year old Japanese wife!  Don’t tell her husband you got so close to her intimate body!

Used Panties from Japan (US $35)

Used panties japan youg wife mango

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